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Excuses for being fired

They got rid of my position.

The company is relocating and I didn't want to move.

They didn't fire me?I quit!

My major account moved to another company.

My boss was stealing my ideas and I caught him at it.

I slept/didn't sleep with the boss.

They were all threatened by my competence and my honesty, so they sabotaged me. I was stabbed in the back.

The company brought in a consultant who recommended that all the people who really do the work be fired. Now, the company has to keep the consultant on to do the work.

My boss wanted his daughter/son to work for the company, but he saw that she/he was insanely attracted to me.

They plan to automate, and they fired me first because they know I'm a leader and that I'd organize the other workers.

They rigged the toilet to do chemical urinalysis and I got caught.

I parked in the chairman's spot.

I was almost vested and if they didn't fire me, the fact that they had embezzled from the pension fund would have come out.

I live for change.

The chairman sensed that I was getting ready to quit and start a family, so he/she fired me. Boy, what a relief. I hate initiating confrontation.

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